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Difference Between Bread Kneaded By Hand or By Stand Mixer And Bread Pulsed Through a Food Processor for 15 Seconds

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Currently, 87% of the restaurants have the latest equipment in their kitchens to prepare the food faster. Like I have mentioned that 87% of the majority in the USA alone say that haveing the latest tools and equipment are allowing them to cook the food faster than before.

Some of the professional chefs have said that cooking by involving latest technology ha affected the taste and the flavors in the foods taste slightly different from the original one. There is another fact to it, and the food bloggers and critics have also said the same thing. However, the food industry runs on the word of people. The customers are the key to a restaurant, and they make what people love to it. Isn’t that how the restaurants of today are work. Every chef goal is to make the waiting customer happy.

Bread Kneaded By Hand

Every family has their story to tell, and they all have a great idea of creating their magic in the food. The world has seen incredible chefs who cook the dishes with love and also have their story of using ingredients.

Every story has its twists and turns where some believe that adding a specific would make the food delicious and some say that traditional way of cooking gives the original taste of the dish.

Stand MixerBread Pulsed Through a Food Processor

The battle between the chef’s opinion will keep go on forever, and it has no end, but when the people get inspired by the chefs, they cannot stop to try one of the professional dishes. These are cases when people suggest the dish to a friend and the friend started to have questions about the recipe process of making. Many chefs are using a food processor to Bread Kneaded, which is not recommended for any regular cook. The food processor is known to dehydrate the dough, and many professionals do not suggest it.

Some Weak Points Of Food Processor

  • If the quantity is high, then the food processor are the worst for the job. Food processors cannot handle larger amount.
  • The hydrating process rises when you use a food processor. If you add more water to the dough, still it will be in vain. Either way, you have to transfer the dough to the stand mixer.
  • When the dough is whizzed in the food processor the amount of oxidation inside the dough would develop higher even if you use a stand mixer for 20 minutes.

If you think you can hydrate the dough does not make it developed the dough. The dough which comes out of the food processors look fresh and hydrated but they will get sloppy after few minutes, and you can notice it after five minutes. If you don’t have a mixer yet then make sure to checkout Uphomes buyer’s guide for Best Hand Mixer.

To prevent your homemade pizza from becoming soggy with all of the juicy toppings you add, lightly coat the bare dough with olive oil. Pizza sauce, peppers and meats can all weigh down a pizza dough and cause it to be soggy even after baking so be sure to brush on a bit of olive oil for a crispier, firmer pizza!

Food Processor

A coffee grinder isn’t just for coffee. A coffee grinder actually works just as well as a food processor for some jobs. This is especially true with small jobs when you don’t want the trouble of lugging out a huge processor and then having to wash all the parts. Nuts and peppercorns grind perfectly in a coffee grinder, even sugar if you need a quick substitute for powdered sugar in a recipe.

To avoid wasting chipotle peppers when you need only a couple from a can, puree the remaining peppers and adobo in a blender or food processor, then transfer the puree to an ice cube tray lined with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer. When the puree is frozen, move the cubes to a freezer bag. You can use the chipotle cubes in soups, sauces, taco meat and more.


Remember, using the food processors are not recommended by 71% of the experienced chefs. Using hand is always recommended by professionals chefs. Using hands might be traditional but it works, and you can develop the dough properly. If you have any questions towards the topic, then you can comment below to get expert advice.

Cooking is one the great joys of some people’s days. For others, it’s a nightmare. Want to join the first group? Read on to find out some tips to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for you. You may just find that cooking isn’t nearly as bad as you thought.