Difference Between Bread Kneaded By Hand or By Stand Mixer And Bread Pulsed Through a Food Processor for 15 Seconds

Currently, 87% of the restaurants have the latest equipment in their kitchens to prepare the food faster. Like I have mentioned that 87% of the majority in the USA alone say that haveing the latest tools and equipment are allowing them to cook the food faster than before.

Some of the professional chefs have said that cooking by involving latest technology ha affected the taste and the flavors in the foods taste slightly different from the original one. There is another fact to it, and the food bloggers and critics have also said the same thing. However, the food industry runs on the word of people. The customers are the key to a restaurant, and they make what people love to it. Isn’t that how the restaurants of today are work. Every chef goal is to make the waiting customer happy.

Bread Kneaded By Hand

Every family has their story to tell, and they all have a great idea of creating their magic in the food. The world has seen incredible chefs who cook the dishes with love and also have their story of using ingredients.

Every story has its twists and turns where some believe that adding a specific would make the food delicious and some say that traditional way of cooking gives the original taste of the dish.

Stand MixerBread Pulsed Through a Food Processor

The battle between the chef’s opinion will keep go on forever, and it has no end, but when the people get inspired by the chefs, they cannot stop to try one of the professional dishes. These are cases when people suggest the dish to a friend and the friend started to have questions about the recipe process of making. Many chefs are using a food processor to Bread Kneaded, which is not recommended for any regular cook. The food processor is known to dehydrate the dough, and many professionals do not suggest it.

Some Weak Points Of Food Processor

  • If the quantity is high, then the food processor are the worst for the job. Food processors cannot handle larger amount.
  • The hydrating process rises when you use a food processor. If you add more water to the dough, still it will be in vain. Either way, you have to transfer the dough to the stand mixer.
  • When the dough is whizzed in the food processor the amount of oxidation inside the dough would develop higher even if you use a stand mixer for 20 minutes.

If you think you can hydrate the dough does not make it developed the dough. The dough which comes out of the food processors look fresh and hydrated but they will get sloppy after few minutes, and you can notice it after five minutes. If you don’t have a mixer yet then make sure to checkout Uphomes buyer’s guide.


Remember, using the food processors are not recommended by 71% of the experienced chefs. Using hand is always recommended by professionals chefs. Using hands might be traditional but it works, and you can develop the dough properly. If you have any questions towards the topic, then you can comment below to get expert advice.


Fancy Decoration of Modern Kitchen Tables

When talking about modern style, clean shape and also simplicity (without too many ornaments) are the images which we will find. It will be the same for everything which adopts modern style, whether it is a room, furniture, and etc. Kitchen is one of the house’s parts that seem got the impact of modernity. Nowadays everything is built in with the metallic look here and there. It will be the same for the table. A table inside a kitchen can be such a focal point besides other vital furniture like kitchen cabinets and so on. So, what are the characteristics of modern kitchen tables that distinguish them from other common styled tables?

modern kitchen tables1

Modern tables take easy yet sophisticated shapes instead of the complicated ones with so many details here and there. But it does not mean the simple design feels boring and plain. Instead of plain and boring, modern styled table looks very attractive because of its unusual shape and look. For example you will find a table that takes the shape of letter “C” with bright white combined with yellow as the color. Or simple letter “T” shape but the whole table looks like made from glass.

The main point of modern tables’ styles is the fresh shape. It does not concern in details anymore, but the shape that breaks the usual and boring model of tables as we know these times. Fresh and unique shapes don’t mean that we sacrifice the function. Those modern kitchen tables still do their function best as tables. The table may come in very various designs and styles; it will depend on the room where the table will be placed. If it’s for studying, then it will be different from the one which is for having a meal.

modern kitchen tables2

Kitchen Track Lighting to Raise up the Look of your Kitchen

Maybe you are now redecorating or redoing your kitchen? Then maybe you will have to put the lighting inside your redecorate list. Yes, people often forget that lighting is one of the most vital parts in decoration of any room, including the kitchen. Having proper lighting also means making your kitchen better in every possible way. Since kitchen is the place for preparing food as well as for cooking and washing dishes, it should have bright lighting. So, when it comes to good lighting, what kind of lighting that can be selected?

Big Kitchen

I can recommend the kitchen track lighting if you ask such kind of question. Then I am sure you are wondering why I choose this lighting for the kitchen? It’s all because of its function. So, let’s not wasting any time and get closer to this track lighting. The first aspect is its size. The size of the bulbs should match the size of the kitchen, small bulbs for small kitchens, medium bulb for medium kitchens, and big bulbs for big kitchens. Next, what about its function? You can install this track lighting in places like inside the drawers or for displaying the kitchen stuffs like dishes and kitchen utensils.

This track lighting will be such a best match for the kitchens that have strong and bold colors like red or black. This track lighting can simply rise up the look of kitchens in every possible way. The track lighting is surely eye catching for kitchens that have been decorated with flower, bulb holders which have flowers’ shapes like rose, tulips and etc. It will just simply make the kitchen look elegant. There are many lighting fixtures that you can choose, but this track lighting fixture is really worthy to be considered as your kitchen’s lighting.

Small Kitchen

Strong Accent of White Spring Granite for Kitchen

Countertops are great addition for any house with any design. They can be placed in almost every room in the house, start from bedroom, bathroom, up to the kitchen. Choosing the right material for the countertop you want to buy is the most difficult kind of test people have to deal with. Not only because countertops come in various materials, the budget always be a matter here. Indeed, more and more people choose to go with white spring granite, but it does not mean that you have to follow that path. The main reason why granite countertop turns into a hot stuff on this kind of modern era is the durability. When you are using white spring granite as part of your countertops, there will be a guarantee that your home will look much better than before although you have to spend more money.

granite countertop1

Durability, elegance, and class are names of the reason why most people go with the option of granite countertop. People realize that this choice is the best thing to accomplish, especially for those who put the beauty in front of everything. Once you have decided to go with this kind of option, you should know that you have to spend more money compared to any other materials of the countertop. Once again, the result is what makes everything different in the end. Finding the best deal of white spring granite countertop is possible as long as you go to the right place. There are so many of them to choose.

Internet should be a good place for you to start the search. Many online stores sold best white spring granite. It is a convenient solution to buy something, but you always have to remember that choosing well-trusted online stores is important.

granite countertop2

The Advantages Of Mobile Kitchen Island

An island is such a good addition for your kitchen. It can give you two major primary things: function and look. Besides the cabinetry, the island is likely the 2nd focal point of a kitchen. Therefore, having an island is such a good treatment for the kitchen itself. Now, the point is, what we can do more about our island or our future kitchen island (just in case you haven’t had one in your kitchen for now)? There are many styles and designs of Kitchen Island which we can choose, but the one that catches my attention is the mobile kitchen island.

Kitchen Island1

What is so special about this mobile kitchen island then? Well, like its name, it can be moved or mobilized easily according to your mood. Maybe we sometimes need to clear out the whole kitchen area from things for a particular event or when you redoing it, then this mobile kitchen island will just give you the ease for that. Why? Because all you need to do is to push it and move it to another part inside the kitchen. Or maybe just in case you will move on someday, and you want to bring the kitchen island along with you, then the mobile kitchen island is the right choice.

There is no radical difference on this mobile kitchen island. All it has are rollers which make it able to be moved/ mobilized. For the style and design, it is basically the same from the common kitchen island. Even though you already have an island inside your kitchen but it is not the mobile type, you can simply change it by adding rollers. Make sure you know what you are doing, or you can simply call expert to do the job.

Kitchen Island2


Amazing Color For Your Kitchen Classics Cabinets Design

When talking about kitchen cabinets, there are many styles that homeowners can choose. Those styles are all good, depending on homeowners’ preferences and taste. Nowadays, I can say that the modern style is the most favorite style that homeowners commonly choose. But actually there are also people who like something classic or vintage. So if you are one of those people who are in love with the classic style, and wants to make your kitchen looks classic and vintage, the first part of your kitchen which must be handled is the cabinetry. Yes, kitchen cabinets have main role in determining a kitchen’s look and theme. So, transforming your kitchen cabinets to the kitchen classic cabinets is the most effective way I may say.

kitchen classic cabinets1

What should we do then to realize that plan? First, classic/ vintage look is all about “worn-out” look. Yes, something classic means that thing has been around used for years but still in good condition and has a high historical value. So, when you have old kitchen cabinets which are still in good conditions, then do not throw them into the junkyard, since they are the strongest candidate for your kitchen classic cabinets project.

Just find out which parts those need to be re-faced/ renewed. Since the cabinets are old/ have been around for years, there’s a little possibility they are still in perfect condition. There must be a part that needs to be fixed/ replaced/ repainted. But that’s OK by the way, and the cost will not be more expensive than buying the whole new kitchen cabinet sets. After you have done dealing with the parts that need to be replaced, then you can start to estimate whether the color of your classic cabinets is still in good condition or not. If the cabinets need to be repainted then do that.

kitchen classic cabinets2